Eyelash Extensions

Faux Mink lashes are attached to each individual natural lash by our professionally certified lash extensionest. Our experts will consult with you to create the fullest and best look suited for you! Our glue is safe and effective without causing clumping or damage to your natural lashes and does not have irritating fumes. The lightweight lash glue and high quality lashes applied allow for the safest and most comfortable application. All products used are approved by Health Canada.

lash before and after

Eyelash Extension Services & Maintenance

The Classic (Full Glam Look) $110
With a variety of lengths and sizes to choose from, we can help customize your look from modest to bold or dramatically different! Every single natural lash is extended. Lash appointment time is up to 85 min.

The Classic (Casual Day Look) $89
This subtle approach to individual lash extensions allows you to get a feel for lashes without feeling or looking over done. A gently accentuated look with a touch of glamour.
Every second to third natural lash is extended. Lash appointment time is up to 55 min.


Classic Lash Touch Ups and Fills

Every guest will experience a different requirement for extension touch ups and fills. The lashes will look fresh between 2-3 weeks before a touch up is needed. The longevity of the lashes will vary from person to person depending on the strength and stability of your natural lashes, lifestyle, and activity levels as well as the aftercare you take with your artificial lash extensions.

Touch up  (up to 25 min)   –  $45
Fill up       (up to 55 min)   –  $59

Lash Removal  We recommend letting us remove your lashes safely and effectively if you no longer wish to have your lashes on. This is to maintain the integrity of your own lashes.  –  $25 and up


5D Extreme Volume Lash Extensions

This Extremely Voluminous look is achieved using the Faux Mink, micro thin, 5 in 1 lash extensions. They are still applied to a single natural lash and are low risk for damage as the classic individual extensions. This set is exceptionally good for guests with thinning or naturally sparse appearing lashes, as well as those who wish to experience as much volume as possible.

Extreme Volume set – $199 (55 – 85 min)

Extreme Volume set – $129  (55 min)

Extreme Volume fill – $69 ( up too 55 min)

Extreme Volume touch up – $55 (up too 25 min)

5D Extreme Volume add on to a Classic set or fill $10


Lash Enhancements


Make your Lashes sparkle with a few of these candied or coloured lashes on your natural lashes or amongst your lash extensions. $15