Eyelash Extensions

Faux mink lashes are attached to each individual lash by our professionally certified lash extensionist. Our glue is safe and effective without causing clumping or damage to your natural lashes and does not have irritating fumes. The lightweight lash glue and high quality lashes applied by experts allows for the safest and most comfortable application.

lash before and after

Eyelash Extension Services & Maintenance

The Fluttery and Fabulous $75
This subtle approach to lash extensions allows you to get a feel for what a full set might look like. We lash every second to third lash.

Full and Fabulous $89
Our experts will consult with you to create the fullest and best suited look for you! With a variety of lengths and sizes to choose from customize your look from modest to bold or dramatically different!

Lash Touch Ups

Every individual will experience a different requirement for extension fills. The lashes will look fresh for between 2-3 weeks before a touch up is needed. The longevity of the lashes will vary from individual to individual depending on the strength and stability of your natural lashes, lifestyle, and activity as well as the care you take with your artificial lash extensions.

Touch up  (up to 30 min)   –  $39
Fill up       (up to 60 min)   –  $59
Maxed out  (60+min.)         – $69 and up

Lower Lashes                     – $40 and up

Lash Removal                    – $40 and up

Lash Enhancements


Make your Lashes sparkle with a few of these candied or coloured lashes on your natural lashes or amongst your lash extensions. $5 ea.