Vita Liberata Spray Tanning

Vita Liberata – The World’s Healthiest Tan #CleanGlow

Vita Liberata is a luxury non-toxic, organic self-tan + skincare brand. Our tan is odourless, organic, toxin free and doesn’t give you that fake tan look.

$69 Spray Tan Application – 20 minutes

Ask us about mobile group tanning parties or come into the spa with your group for a fun ladies night or special event. (minimum purchase required)

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Spa at the Madison also carries the full line of Vita Liberata retail products to keep your spray tan looking great for weeks after your treatment. If you prefer to self tan at home the products are also a great way to look naturally tanned all year round.

Vita Liberata tan has been confirmed as the cleanest way to tan safely. Think Dirty, the independent product-comparison app for cosmetics and personal care products, has analysed Vita Liberata products and found them to be the cleanest self-tans ever tested by the app. The Think Dirty rating system gives a simple overview of health impacts associated with products on a scale from 0 – 10. 0 means there are no known harmful ingredients in a product, and 10 means a product contains ingredients with known health implications. Vita Liberata tans have all rated between 0 – 2, making them the cleanest, healthiest way to achieve a natural-looking glow.