Spa Etiquette

We invite you to enjoy our spa and to maintain the spa environment – please consider our spa etiquette. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This ensures ample time to check in, change, and start or update a client card. If you arrive late, please understand that your treatment may still end as scheduled, in consideration of the next guest.

Thank you for understanding why infants and young children should not be brought into the spa. To maintain the serenity of the spa and to enhance your own relaxation, we ask that cell phones, watch alarms and pagers be turned off.

  • We require a minimum 24-48 hour notice for cancellations.(depending on length of service)
  • We require credit card deposits for services. Deposit will be based on service length and time. (We reserve the right to charge deposits based on our discretion) Groupon or services paid with gift cards will either require CC deposits or the groupon will be forfeited,
  • We need people not to bring children to the spa, as we are limited on space and we emphasize that it is time for mommy’s to have some alone time.
  • Also if we have exhausted all other options from time to time we may have to change appointments and will not be compensating people for this.
  • We will not guarantee that we will confirm appointments and it is your responsibility to keep your appointments.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment, we will do our best to keep on schedule but we require the same from our clients.
  • All mobile devices should be kept off during your spa experience as to not disturb our other patrons. Its a spa, take a break.  We encourage you to come and relax and get away from it all.
  • It is the clients responsibility to inform the esthetician of any medical conditions you may have.