Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lifts

Treat yourself to beautiful lashes!
The Madison offers Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Mega Volume Lashes and much more.

Faux Mink lashes are attached to each individual natural lash by our professionally certified lash specialist. Our experts will consult with you to create the fullest and best look suited for you! Our glue is safe and effective without causing clumping or damage to your natural lashes and does not have irritating fumes. The lightweight lash glue and high quality lashes applied allow for the safest and most comfortable application. All products used are approved by Health Canada.

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1 Day (8 hours) for 1 to 2 Students Per Class
Includes a FREE starter kit (value $250.00)

Lash Extension Class

Mega Volume Lashes Full Set

2 hours, $199.00
This Extremely Voluminous look is achieved using the Faux Mink, micro thin, HAND MADE FANS. They are still applied to a single natural lash and are low risk for damage as the classic individual extensions. This set is exceptionally good for guests with thinning or naturally sparse appearing lashes, as well as those who wish to experience as much volume as possible.

Classic Fill

1 hours, $65.00
Removal of old lashes and refill new growth. Required 3 weeks.

Classic Full Set

1 hour 30 minutes, $110.00
Our lash experts will lash every single lash with an individual lash extension.

Classic Touch up

30 minutes, $45.00
Lash touch ups are for customers who need a follow up a little earlier than their regular lash fill. Must be booked within a 1-2 weeks of last appointment required. (Tech may apply a surcharge if required)

Eye Brow and Eye Lash Tinting

30 minutes, $45.00 
Enhance your lashes and eyebrows by tinting them with safe and lasting vegetable dye.

Eyelash Removal

30 minutes, $35.00
Need to remove your eyelash extensions?, do it safely and painlessly (Price may vary according to length of treatment)

Eyelash Lift

1 hour, $89.00
This exciting new treatment gives your eyes the lift and natural extension look without the glue and maintenance of false eyelashes. Using a safe lash curling solution we will curl and tint your lashes, to create a natural and long lasting effect.

Eyelash Tinting

30 minutes, $30.00
A great way to tint lashes and brows for a natural accent without the harsh chemicals found in harsher hair dyes. Tint lashes and brows in your choice of brown, black, or deep black vegetable dyes.

Hybrid Fill

1 hour, $74.00
Time for a refill approx. 3 week time frame.

Hybrid Lashes Full Set

1 hour 30 minutes, $150.00
A mix of volume and single classic lashes are combined on every lash.

Mega Volume Lash Fill

1 hour 30 minutes, $105.00
Required 3-4 weeks after Mega Volume.

Strip Lash Look Full Set

2 hours 30 minutes, $250.00
Multiple lashes applied to each lash with micro thin lashes to give a full and unique strip lash look. Very customized.

Volume Lash Extensions 3D or 5D

1 hour 30 minutes, $189.00
Premade fans (either 3D or 5D are applied to every lash)

Volume Lash Fill

1 hour, $79.00
Required every 3-4 weeks depending on individual needs. Premade fans

Volume Lash Touch Up

30 minutes, $55.00
Volume lash touch ups are for customers who need a follow up a little earlier than their regular lash fill. Must be scheduled within 1-2 week of last appointment. (Technician may charge extra if required)